Kaleidoscope is one of the most innovative and dynamic creative entities in the U.K. With offices in Belfast and Manchester our work is incredibly diverse and touches upon a wide range of art forms and industries.

Kaleidoscope produces award-winning creative content across a variety of forms including theatre, film and digital media. Through our creative output we are constantly seeking new ways to innovate, engage and inspire.

Kaleidoscope has established an international reputation for developing and delivering ground-breaking cultural programmes, events and initiatives that harness the power of culture, arts and heritage to act as a catalyst for community engagement, social change economic regeneration, transformation and growth.

Kaleidoscope is also one of the U.K.'s leading culture, arts and heritage consultants. With decades of combined senior leadership experience in every area of the industry, Kaleidoscope provides expert analysis, advice and assistance to organisations and bodies in the private and public sector.

Kaleidoscope is led by Founder and Director, Kerry Rooney MBE. Kerry has been involved in the arts, culture and heritage industry for over twenty years. Kerry established Kaleidoscope with the aim of developing the synergies and opportunities that exist across art forms and industries. Kaleidoscope has certainly achieved this, winning numerous accolades and developing an international reputation along the way. In 2014 Kerry was awarded the Winston Churchill Fellowship for the Arts and in 2016 Kerry was awarded the MBE for services to older people and theatre.