Kaleidoscope was established in 2006 with the aim of delivering a new type of creative experience for both audiences and artists in Northern Ireland. The organisation has grown to become one of the most innovative and dynamic creative entities in the UK working across theatre, film, television and live events. True to its name Kaleidoscope is constantly shifting and changing, adapting and responding to new opportunities and new challenges. The organisation is committed to finding new and innovative ways of working while creating opportunities for emerging talent to develop and flourish.

Kaleidoscope is led by Creative Director Kerry Rooney. Kerry has been involved in the arts and cultural industry for over twenty years. Having worked for several arts organisations Kerry wanted to establish an organisation that was fluid and dynamic enough to move from one creative form to another, applying the skills and knowledge from each discipline to enhance the other. Kaleidoscope has certainly achieved this, winning numerous accolades and developing an international reputation. In 2014 Kerry was awarded the Winston Churchill Fellowship for the arts and in 2016 Kerry was awarded the MBE for services to older people and theatre.