Belfast City Centre Animation Programme

In October 2018 a massive fire destroyed one of the most prominent and important buildings in Belfast City Centre. The fire had a devastating effect on the city, closing the main arterial route through the city and substantially reducing footfall in the city’s shopping and retail area. In the aftermath of the fire the Belfast City Council launched a major regeneration initiative. One of the core elements of the programme was city centre animation. Kaleidoscope was commissioned by the city council and the Cathedral Quarter Trust to coordinate and deliver a programme of cultural animation in the city centre. The programme was delivered over a five month period from November 2018 to March 2019. Kaleidoscope worked with more than 150 local arts organisations, artists, bands and community groups to create and deliver a programme of weekly events which included live music performances, circus, street theatre, children's workshops and seasonal celebrations for Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year and Easter. The events were delivered at venues across the city centre both indoor and outdoor. The programme was a huge success helping to restore the footfall in the city to pre-fire levels.